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Friday, December 21, 2012

more spelling less talking...

We are still chugging along on our journey through the alphabet. We have been learning to spell new words with each letter of the day.

Today's letter is G. Gum and girl were the words learned through playdough fun and whiteboard teaching.

1.) Get out the playdough. Have the kids make the letter with dough.

2.) Make playdough figures of the words you want to teach. Write the word next to it.

3.) Practice spelling the words out loud with the kids.

4.) Ask the kids to write the words themselves.

5.) Make a fun activity to practice word recognition. The object of this game is draw a line from the word to its matching picture. I had Easton do this activity because it's like pulling teeth to get him to write anything. He would rather just draw pictures of race tracks and slides! BOYS!

Take ten!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Do something Christmasy...

Take ten to do something fun, Christmasy, and preferably that tastes good.

We made Christmas M & M cookies...Hint- Google this: Best M and M cookie recipe...

One cup of butter = yummy cookie mix.

And the M&M's...well they just make the cookie better tasting! Plus the Christmas colors are the best.

Let your kids help, they'll love you for it!

Take ten!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Long time...

When my husband notices that my blog has not been updated in a while, it means it has been quite a while since I've written. However, it does not mean we have stopped taking ten. In fact we've started a whole new series of take tens.

We have been going through each letter of the alphabet, writing it, and learning to spell words that start with that letter.

Here is our "B" day.  Coincidentally, and quite by accident, everything we were eating for breakfast started with b. Blueberries, bananas, and bread...

On this day we learned how to spell bug and Bible. We also sang the song "the B-i-b-l-e" (yes that's the book for me!)

So far, Melanie has memorized how to spell ant, apple, Bible, car, and carrot. (These are in addition to other words we had already worked on before this series)

As for Easton, he is a 3 year old boy, and I am happy to report that I have at least gotten him to pay attention long enough just to write the letter of the day on his magnadoodle. He'd rather scribble and make jokes. But I know he is learning something even if it is just bits and

With the holidays, family stuff, my own laziness, and schedules it has been difficult to keep up with this blog. But I plan on writing more often! So don't give up on reading it! :0)