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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hide toys, buy time...

There are some things that I keep hidden away for times when I need TIME. Today was one of those days. I was in the middle of cleaning out my pantry when my kids woke up from their naps. In the pantry I spied my huge 100 piece box of plastic, colorful cookie cutters.

I threw it on the floor and let them have at it while I finished cleaning up the pantry. It doesn't take much to take ten and make kids happy.

Hide some toys so you can buy some time later.

Take Ten!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ordinary to extraoridnary

I needed to shower. Leaving my kids alone downstairs while I shower...not a good idea. The last time I did that I came downstairs after my mad dash of 5 minute hair washing and rinsing to find Easton "making me a cup of coffee." Translastion: Coffee grounds thrown into my half drank cup of coffee. Oh and all over the kitchen as well. Kind of cute, but not cute to clean.

So, in order to keep them upstairs with me and out of trouble, I threw a big TV box in my closet, grabbed their box of blocks and told them to build a castle on it. Voila! Ordinary blocks turned into extraordinary fun, simply because I changed it up a tiny bit.

Skyelynn woke up while I was doing my makeup, so I changed the game to build something for Skyelynn to knock down. This bought me enough time to finish getting ready for the day!

There you have it.

Take Ten! (and shower!)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cost: $2 Learning included

Cost: $2. A little stamp pad. Little alphabet stamps. 2 kids. One project. Learning included.

This was easy, fun, and made little minds grow.

1.) Get some alphabet stamps (Walmart 99 cents)

2.) Grab some paper.

3.) Have kids choose a letter.

4.) Ask them to think of an animal that starts with the chosen letter.

5.) Tell them to draw the animal.

6.) Let them play with the stamps and paper and markers.

7.) Watch happy kids.

I edited Mel's pic to point out the picture of her

Take Ten!