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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall into some of this...

We did a pretty cool autumn project last year. You may remember it from my other blog. It will make your house look more festive and your kids will have fun!

Check it out here: Autumn project

You will need:
- a stick from outside
-construction paper cut into leaf shapes
-glitter sticks or markers
-yarn or string

Take Ten for this ...seriously!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Question Mommy

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. Our car rides are always at least a half hour long if we're going anywhere outside our little town so, the time in the car can get a little boring. This ride was no different. Easton and Melanie found something to argue about and I wanted a way to entertain them and keep them from fighting.

On the fly, I created this game called "Question Mommy". It's not the most creative game, it's not the most complicated, but hey, it made the kids laugh and kept them busy! (No pictures this time because we were in the car doing this activity!)

Here's what you do:

1.)Give the kids an old cell phone. (My kids happened to have one in the backseat)

2.)Make a sound like the phone is ringing. (brriiing brriing!)

3.)Tell them to answer the phone.

4.) When they answer, say "Hi! This is Question Mommy, how are you?"

5.) Next, ask them random questions. Here are some examples of what I asked...

What colors are on the American Flag?
What color is the sky?
How old are you?
What does _____ mean? (I used Spanish words that they know)
How old is ______? (fill in the blank with a friend or relative)

Super easy and pretty entertaining for both kids and parents!

Also, in between calls, if they took a while answering the phone while it was "ringing" I'd say funny things like, "oh well, I guess no one is home." Then they would laugh and say, "No! I'm coming!" and answer quickly so they didn't miss Question Mommy's call!

Take Ten!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Take ten for finger paints...

There have been a lot of take tens going on around here and not enough time to blog about it! The one I'm going to show you today has to do with fall, pumpkins, making colors, and going out of a comfort zone!

Finger paints. We've had these finger paints for almost a year. I have been too chicken to use them because of cleaning up reasons. Turns out clean up isn't too hard if you're willing to take time to prep.

Hint: use a large piece of paper, put a bib over a shirt that you don't want ruined, and dry your painting outdoors!

For our paints we had the primary colors (red, yellow, blue) plus green. I taught the kids how to combine yellow and red to make orange for pumpkins!

The finger painting process was not as scary or messy as I thought it would be. The kids stayed pretty clean, and they learning how combining colors makes different colors!

Mel mixed everything to make

The final project! Finger painting success!

Take Ten!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take Ten to enjoy...

I've had this pumpkin project in my head to do with the kids for a while now. But I've also had this problem with lack of sleep due to a one year old waking up 3 times throughout the night...every night! Therefore we've been taking relaxing tens.

Yesterday was bubbles on the back deck. You'd think the kids won a big prize when they're told they can go on the back deck to play! Definite take ten winner.

We had quite the good time.

Skyelynn was more interested in her freedom to wander than the bubbles her siblings were enjoying.

Before blowing bubbles, while the others were sleeping, this fairy princess showed up! So, we took ten to pretend.

Energetic kids, tired mom, relaxing take tens. That's what it's all about! Until I have the energy to create an actual project, this is how we'll be learning for a while.

Take Ten!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Take ten for yummy health~

We make smoothies almost daily around here. You may remember this post on green monster smoothies? This time when we made smoothies something extra yummy happened...

The fruit was so cold and frozen that it didn't turn into smoothie, it was more like sorbet! The kid's thought they were getting ice cream for breakfast!

And yes, it tasted like ice cream too! Try it out! I just blended the frozen fruit in my magic bullet with a splash of all natural lemonade. (We didn't have any spinach to add this time.)

Take Ten!

Take ten to use what's on hand...

You don't need the best of the best to take ten and teach your kids. Look around, look at what your kids are playing with and teach with what they have already!

Skyelynn was playing with this puzzle the other day. I was not doing much so I got on the ground and "took ten" with her.

We looked at letters, we sang letter songs, and we focused mostly on the letter S for Skyelynn!

It wasn't extravagant, it wasn't much, but it was learning!

Take Ten!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

School daze...

We're back. And it seems to be perfect timing. Crisp morning air. An orange falling leaf here and there. Big yellow buses that intrigue my curious littles as they watch them pass by, straining to see from their car seats. It's September. School time.

We never stopped "taking tens", mama just stopped blogging. It's not something I planned, it's just something that happened. I let craziness take over and I let myself enjoy that last little piece of summer. (Except this coming week is forecast to be summer weather, so I guess it isn't truly over!)

Ok, here we go. Art in the form of collage.

Step one: Cut out pieces of scrapbook paper.

Step two: Get a large piece of paper and some tape. (I was in a hurry so the big piece of paper is not pretty..haha, guess that's what you get when you're trying to get a one year old's party ready and keep your kids busy)

Step three: Tell your kids to make a collage.

Step four: Praise them for a good job.

Step five: Let them hang it on the wall in their room!