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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Take Ten to enjoy...

I've had this pumpkin project in my head to do with the kids for a while now. But I've also had this problem with lack of sleep due to a one year old waking up 3 times throughout the night...every night! Therefore we've been taking relaxing tens.

Yesterday was bubbles on the back deck. You'd think the kids won a big prize when they're told they can go on the back deck to play! Definite take ten winner.

We had quite the good time.

Skyelynn was more interested in her freedom to wander than the bubbles her siblings were enjoying.

Before blowing bubbles, while the others were sleeping, this fairy princess showed up! So, we took ten to pretend.

Energetic kids, tired mom, relaxing take tens. That's what it's all about! Until I have the energy to create an actual project, this is how we'll be learning for a while.

Take Ten!

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