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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Question Mommy

Yesterday we went grocery shopping. Our car rides are always at least a half hour long if we're going anywhere outside our little town so, the time in the car can get a little boring. This ride was no different. Easton and Melanie found something to argue about and I wanted a way to entertain them and keep them from fighting.

On the fly, I created this game called "Question Mommy". It's not the most creative game, it's not the most complicated, but hey, it made the kids laugh and kept them busy! (No pictures this time because we were in the car doing this activity!)

Here's what you do:

1.)Give the kids an old cell phone. (My kids happened to have one in the backseat)

2.)Make a sound like the phone is ringing. (brriiing brriing!)

3.)Tell them to answer the phone.

4.) When they answer, say "Hi! This is Question Mommy, how are you?"

5.) Next, ask them random questions. Here are some examples of what I asked...

What colors are on the American Flag?
What color is the sky?
How old are you?
What does _____ mean? (I used Spanish words that they know)
How old is ______? (fill in the blank with a friend or relative)

Super easy and pretty entertaining for both kids and parents!

Also, in between calls, if they took a while answering the phone while it was "ringing" I'd say funny things like, "oh well, I guess no one is home." Then they would laugh and say, "No! I'm coming!" and answer quickly so they didn't miss Question Mommy's call!

Take Ten!

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