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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids busy, mommy cooks

The hardest part of the day is getting the kids to not be crazy and wild while I cook dinner. Here are two activities we did to give me some sanity and time to make a good dinner!

Melanie was upstairs at her desk with dry erase letter cards and a dry erase marker, Easton was playing on our chalkboard, and Skyelynn was coloring a picture with paper and crayons. It gave me at least 10 minutes of kids staying busy. :)

The next activity started with the kids drawing on tin foil with crayons....

And then it turned into tin foil hats, tin foil balls and other things. This activity gave me about 20 minutes! Foil is something they do not usually get to play with so you can imagine how exciting it was for the kids. :)

Take Ten!

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