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Monday, February 4, 2013


My little valentinies and I made an art project this last week. It's hanging in our house, a cute Valentine decoration.

We got the idea from this website: it out!

What we used: coffee filters cut into hearts, markers, and medicine droppers filled with water.

We colored the hearts, then dropped water on the colors and watched the colors "bleed" into on another to make a cool tie dye look.

I placed a big plastic bag under the project to cut down on are the hearts!

We're still working on teaching this little girl that markers DO NOT taste She still tries them every time.

Melanie holding up her all turquoise heart.

While the kids took naps, I used a needle and thread to make a heart chain out of their creations.

Then I hung them on our mirror...

Can you find a little boy in this picture?

Take Ten!

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