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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

ar, oo, sh!

Teach some new sounds and watch them grow!

I took a few minutes the other morning to teach some new letter combination sounds to Melanie and Easton.
1.) I showed them the letters on paper.
2.) I told them what they sounded like.
3.) We practiced.
4.) We sounded out some words using the new sounds.
5.) We played a game.

Easy, simple, 10 minutes of learning fun!

For the game, I had the new sounds written up on top of the paper. Below those I had a group of words using the new letter combinations. The kids had to circle all the words that had the "sh" sound in them, the "ar" sounds, and the "oo" sounds until all the words were circled. They also had to sound the words out and tell me what the words said.

See, nothing special, yet the kids still liked it!

It doesn't take much to teach your kids, just a little time!

Just for fun, here is a picture of the letter T Easton made out of cheese and a graham cracker. :)

Take Ten!

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