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Monday, March 4, 2013

Counting on me...

It's all about counting to one hundred these days. We count by ones, we count by tens, but try teaching to count by fives and you get ignored. :) Oh well, they'll learn the other ways to count someday.

For now, we play catch on a regular basis and it is super important that we count our catches until we miss. And when you miss, you have to say "aww I missed!" It's really cute and really quite fun.

It's also important to teach the girls how to curtsy and the boy how to bow, in case there are any tricks or something cool to show mom in between games of catch.

So far the dance moves and tricks between our games have been pretty entertaining.

Our kids are counting more than numbers in their lives. They count on us to be their biggest cheerleaders!

Take Ten!

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