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Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall is full of projects...

Take ten for easy fall project  fun! Last year the kids and I did a similar project to the one I am about to show you with Christmas trees. I found some glittery, foam Christmas trees in the dollar spot at Target. They came with stickers to decorate the tree.

This year the kids got to decorate a squirrel and a turkey, courtesy of my cousin Haley. She brought these over the other day!

Here they are! A squirrel that says "Give Thanks" and a turkey. Pretty cute huh?


Even little Skyelynn was able to help out. 

There was a little block in the road during our fall project. The turkey was missing his head! No worries though, I cut one out of construction paper and we taped it on. Pretty funny, the headless turkey.

The final outcome. We have some cute, new fall wall decor! Easy, fun, TAKE TEN!

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