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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Just a fall thing...

It's still fall and the rain has come. This puts us indoors, but it ain't no thang, it's just a fall thing! We did another fall project today.

I cut letters out of a magazine for the kids to glue to their paper. Any day they get to use a glue stick is a good day! We learned how to spell fall.

So without further adieu...(is that how you spell that?)

Step 1. Cut out different letters from a magazine that spell fall.

Step 2. Get out the markers. Who remembers these babies? They smell delicious, but are very potent...put a large black plastic bag on top of the table you'll be working on otherwise you'll be sorry later. (They run through paper, even thick butcher paper)

Step 3. Have the kids put the letters on the paper to spell the word fall. Make them help you sound the word out!

Step 4. Tell the kids to draw pictures of fall. (Ideas: rain, pumpkins, leaves, trees, etc)

Step 5. Praise them for hard work and a job well done. Take a picture of the final product!

As Easton would say "It's pretty fally!" This coming from the kid who will not draw pictures or write letters! I had to guide him in his picture drawing. 

Take Ten!

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