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Monday, October 22, 2012

Teach me...

Kids do a lot of learning on their own, but they learn much more if someone takes time to teach them. Taking ten with each child in the family is important to us. Easton and Melanie are usually involved in helping teach little Skyelynn. This time was no exception.

We used our ABC blocks to play a letter game that was used to teach letters and letter sounds.

As you can see, Easton was the chef. He "cooked" up letters. (A.K.A. tossing letters around in a play pan) Whichever letters the blocks landed on, we taught to Skyelynn.

Look at our perfect little pupil. So studious. After saying the letter and singing a song about it's sound, we also talked about words that begin with the letter we were teaching. Easy as pie. Ten minutes (maybe a little less) of play learning, which is the perfect about of time for a one year old's attention span. 

Take Ten! It's so easy to make your kids smart!

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