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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A little modification

Modifying things for people is not my strong point. It's hard for me to think of different, better ways of dealing with people or situations.

Today, Melanie was not making good choices. To put it simply, she was being downright disobedient.

I sent her to her room and told her to think of 2 good choices she could make today. A few minutes later I came back to hear her thoughts. She said "I can't think of any." (In a whiny voice.) I said, "ok well you can stay in here until you think of some and I'll be back to hear your answer." Next time I came back it was the same thing. Whiny voice, no answer.

This time, instead of making her voice her answers I told her to get a pen and draw 2 good choices. She loves to draw.

The next time I went upstairs to get her good choices answer she had drawn 5 pictures. Here are my 3 favorites.

The green picture is her holding my hand in a parking lot, the yellow picture is her walking nicely next to the shopping cart while I'm pushing Skyelynn, the orange picture is her saying "yes, Mom".

This little drawing modification worked out a lot better than the first option of just thinking of good choices to make.

Take Ten! Modify!

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