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Monday, May 20, 2013


I've been slacking on taking tens with my kids lately. Not just regular old take tens, but planned, thought out, take tens. So today I made a schedule and made myself stick to it.

Yes I wrote it on a magna doodle because it's kid friendly! ...but I also took a picture of it in case someone erased it. I showed the kids the schedule when they woke up and they were excited for it! They kept asking "what's next?" after we would finish something.

Everything on the list went smoothly except for math.

I made math worksheets and I should have foreseen the problem. I should have known the kids would get frustrated trying to do a math problem while their mom was in the shower unable to help. But I still like the schedule idea. I can see this helping for a homeschooling future.

Take Ten! Make a schedule :)

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