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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No yelling unless there's a fire!

My kids scream when they get riled up and it's something we're working on changing. Sometimes it makes me jump out of my skin when a random squeal of delight is mistaken for someone being hurt.

I've taken to telling them that there is no yelling in the house unless there is an emergency. Yesterday, not on purpose, and not at all planned, we got to take a tour of the fire department...The place that helps us during emergencies!

We went to hang out with grandma and while we were out we decided to get new bike helmets from the fire department. Little did we know we would spend a little time there and the kids would have some fun!

Go check out your fire department. They seemed to be really happy to entertain the kids! Take a look at our pictures below!

Take Ten!

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