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Monday, May 14, 2012

Be brave...

We went to the library and Melanie wanted the head phones for the kid computer. She asked me to go ask for them, and I thought, this is an opportunity for her to learn something. So, I took ten...

 I explained that if she wants something she needs to go ask the librarian politely. She said she was too scared.
This is seriously the face she made when she said she was too scared...

This went on for a half hour...her telling me to get the headphones, me saying she needs to go ask herself.

Then, the librarian came over to put some books away and a tiny voice from the corner said, "Can I have the microphone?" (She meant headphones)

Of course the librarian happily obliged and help the kids set up TWO sets of headphones so they could both play!

Take Ten to help your kids be brave.

Take Ten!

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