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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It's okay...

It really is okay to need a break from your kids. Kids are draining. Today, I took ten, twice, in a different way.

Here's what I did, and you can try it too!

1st take ten:

Easton woke up unusually early this morning and I needed a shower. He took ten alone, with my Kindle Fire. I turned on a You Tube video about numbers for him to watch, while I took ten in the shower.

2nd take ten:

After a 3 hour grocery shopping outing today, my kids were tired, but it was too late for naps. They took ten upstairs in their beds with a book. And that was okay, because sometimes kids need breaks from parents too.

Just remember, that sometimes taking time for your kids means letting them be alone too. I struggle with this because I feel like I don't do enough, teach enough, spend enough time with them, when in all reality, a big part of growing up is learning independence.

Take ten!

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