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Thursday, May 3, 2012

I've got art on my mind...

Do something artsy today. Here's what we did...

1.) I used scotch tape to make an M and E on some construction paper. (M for Melanie, E for Easton)

2.) Then, I called the kids in and told them to color all over the paper and when they were done there would be a cool surprise.

3.) Melanie saw this project in our Highlights magazine. It is called Paint with Tape..we used crayons instead. (Thanks Grandma Cummins for the magazine subscription!)

4.) Peel the tape and show your kids the "surprise!" These turned out pretty cool.

5.) Lastly, don't forget this part, do something silly with the peeled off tape. Oh and draw "Bert's mommy" like Melanie did on her paper. That was her idea, not mine! lol

Take Ten!

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