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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Litter bug

Take ten to talk about littering...

Turns out my little boy is a litter bug. On our walk back from the park today, he threw his empty zip lock bag of chips into the road while we were in the middle of a crosswalk! After my loud and shocked inhale of breath at his rude action, we picked up the trash and pulled over to talk.

I explained that even though there may be other trash on the road, we should never throw garbage anywhere but in a garbage can. We did not pass any trash cans outside so he held onto it until we arrived home where he promptly tossed it.

Sometimes we forget that kids have to be taught everything or they will simply follow what they observe. Kids think: There's trash in the road? That must be where it belongs. Take ten to teach about litter bugs!

Take Ten!

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