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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Take ten to cozy...

A ten minute snuggle can teach so much! Don't ever turn down time to cozy up to your kids, because soon enough they will not be asking you for hugs any longer.

Throw pillows and blankets on the floor, lay down with them and just play! I promise they'll love it!

The baby was rolling around from big brother to big sister attacking them. Guapo was getting in on the action too! Then, Easton asked me to lay down with them! I happily did. :)

The above picture was yesterday, and today I found my little girl in her room cozying her own little babies.

As I stood there secretly watching her, she whispered "I love you" to the dolls.

Like I said, snuggling your kids can teach them SO much.

Take Ten!

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