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Monday, July 30, 2012

Get better...

Imagine your little one coming into your bedroom at 5:30 am, breathing short rapid breaths and crying as he says to you "Mom, will you help me!" Talk about an aching mommy heart!

If you do not know what is pictured above consider yourself blessed! Every couple of months we pull this machine out of our pantry to give our son breathing treatments. It used to be every month, but recently the need for it has slowed down. Praise God!

Yesterday I had to give Easton treatments every hour to hour and a half, all day. Poor kid! It is a trying experience for both son and mommy.

The doctors say it is because of something called bronchialitis. That means when my boy gets stuffed up from  either a cold or allergies his little bronchial tubes swell and become very small, making it difficult to breathe. (Really scary for both me and him.) The nebulizer sprays out breathing meds (albuterol) in a fine mist for him to breathe so his little bronchial tubes can open up and allow him to take in more air.

So what does this have to do with taking ten? Easton is feeling better today! Because he is better we are going to make a healthy brownie recipe to celebrate! Link below.
healthy brownie recipe
We will be back later with pics and reviews of the treat!

Take Ten!

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