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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

mini teachers...

Sometimes I feel bad for my youngest child. She doesn't get to go over the ABC's and the letter sounds every night in the tub like my other two did at her age. At this stage in life I throw all 3 kids in the tub, scrub them down and get them out! It's much more efficient that way.

To make up for it, I recruited some mini teachers. These little teachers know the alphabet and letter sounds and are perfect at teaching their little sister. And little sister happens to love her teachers!

Try it! Give the older kids a "job". Make them feel big and important. The little ones will learn and the older ones will get practice with what they already know.

I was cooking dinner when I had Melanie do the alphabet with Skyelynn. It kept 2 of the 3 kids busy!
I took ten to video the cuteness!
Take Ten!

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