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Monday, July 9, 2012

Take the extra minute or so...

Sound familiar? This is a phrase I hear often from Melanie and Easton. If Skyelynn could talk I'm sure she'd be saying it too.

My philosophy? Let them! Yes it takes extra time. Yes it can be frustrating. Yes it takes patience. But your kids will love you for giving them these opportunities to be big.
Here is what you do:

1.) Plan extra time before outings when you know your kids are going to want to do something all by themselves! For example: dress themselves, buckle their own seat belts, pack a bag of toys for a car ride, use the potty without help. This extra time will alleviate frustration on your part about running late. 

2.) Have them do things themselves you know they are capable of accomplishing and then say good job and thank you!

3.) Stop babying them with the things they can do without you. This promotes work ethic and cuts down on whining. I don't know about you but I can always use less whining in my household!

4.) Read the book pictured above and any other book in that series. They are cute and funny and kids love them!

Take Ten!

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