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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

A little experience...

I have decided that one of the best things about being a mother is the chance to give your children new experiences and watch them while they have fun.

Meet my 10 month old, Skyelynn.

She's a little adventurer. She is more active than my other two were at this age because she is trying to keep up with her older sibs.

The other day we were outside, and she is usually banned to sitting in the jumparoo. (I know, poor girl!) She can't walk yet,  and although she can crawl, she does not know to stay out of the street while I'm picking strawberries, so the jumparoo is where she has to be. I changed things up a bit and let her try something new, and was she ever happy!

She'll be riding around in no time!

Do something new with your kids!

Take Ten!

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