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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The chicks are hatching!

Remember the Easter project I was so excited about? We put it together last night. I have more ideas for Easter projects, but this is the one I could not wait to do.

First things first, remember the Valentine project I posted where we made this:
Well, for this Easter project I needed pictures..head shots of my kids, so I re-used the pictures from this project. You don't have to, but I really like these pics and didn't want to spend money printing new ones.

Next get out your Easter stuff, decorations and's ours:
They are all staring at the Easter bag with GREAT anticipation!

Ok, now you need those egg shells I told you to save a couple posts back. Here are mine, all cleaned out and ready to go..
Hint: Clean these shells well, and dry them out or they will stink! Now, here comes the fun part...

Gather your chicks, I mean kids, and ask them to help you if they weren't already watching you get the project ready :)

Help them place their pictures inside the clean egg shells...

Your kids will be so cute "hatching" out of their eggs. Here are my eggs...

To finalize this project, I created a "nest" out of a basket and Easter grass, sparkly eggs and some Easter suckers from last year.

Like it? Make one! It's easy!
Take Ten!

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