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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mighty minds...

My kids get to watch cartoons in the morning while I drink coffee. After that I usually try to get some kind of activity rolling.

This morning it was this...

Keeps kids entertained for hours! (Ya right!) Besides video games, which my kids do not play, I don't know of any activity that can hold a kid's attention for hours. None the less, this game is a brain builder and helps kids use thinking skills to match shapes together to complete a picture. A.K.A: Fun learning.
As you can see, it didn't hold Easton's attention for more than ten minutes :) That's okay though.

Another bonus, with a little preparation you can easily make this game for your kids at home. Supplies needed: scissors, construction paper, pens, and a little imagination.

Here's the version for the baby in the family...
Skyelynn played with shapes too and big sister is helping her learn to sit up too!

Try it! Your kids will like it!

Take Ten!

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