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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moon shine...

Tonight on our drive home my kids saw the moon from their windows. They kept telling me they could see it and that it was "following us". I couldn't see it without taking my eyes off the road, so for our "take ten" activity I asked them questions about it.

1. Is the moon a circle or a crescent tonight? It's a circle! (In case you were wondering)

2. Is it behind clouds tonight? Yes! (It was partly behind the clouds.)

3. Does the moon come out during the day or during the night? Night!

Notice the exclamation points after each answer? That's because they answered each question with much enthusiasm.

Then, they started asking me questions. Mom, why is the moon in the sky? This opened up a great convo about God and creation and we topped off the car ride by singing Jesus loves me and Jesus loves the little children. It was ever so lovely!

Simple and sweet, loving and nice. These kinds of conversations can't be scripted. They are born of a child's natural curiosity. Take advantage of it. Take ten while you can!.

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