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Friday, March 9, 2012

It's so easy...

Taking ten is so easy. Today's activity was focused on my 6 month old daughter. All I did was show her some flashcards. Here's what you do...(see below)
 1.) Show the card. Say the word associated with the picture. Emphasize the sound of the first letter of the word to practice letter sounds. Example: Cat, C-C-cat! Yes, even a 6 month old can learn letter sounds. Start them early!
 2.) Watch your baby chew the cards, look at the pictures and secretly learn. Secretly learn? Yes, secretly they are storing this information you are teaching them in their brains. Although learning results are not seen now, at a mere and tender age of 6 months, believe me, they are learning. Everything you do with your child is a learning experience. Take advantage of it!
Spilling the cards off the tray was fun too!
Big brother got involved with the teaching! So fun! I'm pretty sure Skyelynn enjoyed teacher Easton also.

If you do not have flashcards. Make some! Print off some pictures at your library. Be resourceful and use pictures from a coloring book. There are many ways to use things that are already on hand.

Sorry about the picture quality. I used my cell phone camera.

Take Ten!

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