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Thursday, March 8, 2012

So many tens...

Oh my we took a lot of tens today...I'm tired!

Our day started out with Meanie's Awana class and then off to the park right after. Take a look...

Oh yes, taking ten at the park (or 8 tens like we did!) is a beautiful thing. There are so many things to learn by playing there. The arts of cooperation and courtesy when sharing the stairs that go up to the slide, the skill of making silly faces for a picture, the craft of carefully climbing a rope tower are just some of the things kids grasp and get the hang of through the simple park trip.

After the park we ran lots of errands. The sun was still shining and warm when we got home so we chalked it up, like I planned to do on one of these unusually warm and sunny days! More learning occurred...

We spelled names, we talked about Jesus, we felt the sun on our was a fairy tale! :)

Take Ten!

P.S. Coming really soon, we'll be doing a super cute Easter craft! To get ready you need some cleaned out egg eggs you've cracked open and rinsed both sides of the broken egg.

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