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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hail yeah! :)

It hailed today. We took ten.

It began to hail and I had my kids run to the window during their snack time to watch! Then, I thought, if I were 2 or 3 I would want to touch it. So we did!

"Why is it cold?" Easton asked. "Because it is frozen rain" I answered. Now I don't know a ton about hail or why it occurs but I can answer the basic questions my kids asked :)

They both brought some of it inside and Melanie said "Why is mine melting?" "Because it is warm inside the house" I answered.

I'm glad they didn't ask any questions like this: "why does hail form?" Look up the answer to that on Google and tell me if you can explain it to a preschool age kid. Truth be told, I don't even get it!

But truth really be told, my kids got to see hail, touch hail, and bring hail in the house, all while in their socks!

Take ten!

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