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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Take ten to explain...

We're busy cooking, cleaning, paying bills, and all of the other things life brings our way. I get it. It's hard to stop and answer ALL of the questions our little ones ask throughout the day. It gets annoying, but today's take ten activity is to stop and answer one of those questions thoroughly, completely, until the kids are satisfied with the answer and filled to the brim with knowledge about what they asked! :)

Today our dog stole a chip off the kids' table and my daughter got really mad and said "Mom get the chip out of Guapo's mouth!" I said "I can't." Of course that was followed by a "WHY?"

This is where I was starting to get annoyed and thinking about blowing the question off, but I thought, why not just explain my reasoning? So, I said "If I take it from his mouth it will break and make a mess." Easton then said "Why will it break?" I said "Because chips are crumbly and break when you press on them."

It sounds like such a silly conversation, but it really was not silly to my kids. They soaked it up. They like to learn and know things and how else will they know unless someone takes the time to teach?

Tonight while using the bathroom Melanie randomly asked, "Why do Veggie Tales not have hands and arms?" Tough question, all I could say was "because that is the way they were drawn." 

Anyone have a better answer?

Take ten!

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