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Monday, April 9, 2012

Tweak it!

Side note-before I begin today's post, did anyone notice I didn't post yesterday? I've decided that Take Ten takes holidays. In honor of Easter, I took a break from blogging.

Ok, so today we tweaked our coloring routine, and made it more exciting. Nice days call for outdoor activities, which we did. We biked, ran, and played ball. After nap, right before dinner, I let the kids color in their coloring books outside.

Just by tweaking this daily activity a little, made it more exciting!

Skyelynn and I sat on the porch swing and relaxed in the warm air!

By the way, the resurrection cookie project turned out great. Here are some photos from that! The kids loved it, and paid attention to each verse through each step of the recipe!
Oh hi real live bunny hopping around our house Easter morning! Happy Easter!

Take Ten!

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