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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Count your blessings..

Today, teach your children thankfulness while practicing numbers!

-First, explain what blessing means. (Things we have, given to us by God, that we are thankful for or people we are thankful for) I'm sure there are better definitions, but this is how I would explain it. :)
-Take a pad of paper and a marker for making tally marks that can be counted later.
-Tell your kids to name 3 people they consider to be blessings. (Tally them on the paper)
-Next, go around the house having your kids point out things that are blessings, all the while tallying up everything they point out.
-Count up all the tally marks together (great for practicing numbers!)
-Write the number you counted really big on the same tally paper and underneath write "Count your blessings!"
-Put this paper up somewhere it can be seen as a reminder to be thankful all of the time.

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