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Friday, February 24, 2012

"Mom, I wanna show you something.."

My kids have started saying "I wanna show you something, mom!" to me lately, and I have learned to watch, listen and record! The things they want to "show me" are usually pretty funny and the smiles on their faces when I watch are pretty amusing too.

Kids are show offs. Let them show off! Praise them for a job well done! Make a game of it. Sit down and ask them to show you what they can do. You'll have a chuckle and they will feel important.

Usually my kids want to show me a "BIG" jump on the trampoline, or going "fast" on their bikes, or just running "REALLY FAST" around the house.  Whatever it is, it's darn cute.  I'll leave you tonight with a cute video of them showing off! Sorry this post is so's been a long day!

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