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Monday, February 20, 2012

Kids teaching kids...

Today's take ten activity was focused on the baby of the family. Babies need to learn too! Who better to teach them than the other kids?  My kids thought it was great to be given the job to teach their little sister.

Here's what you do:
1.) Pull up pictures of animals on your computer.
2.) Have the older kids show the younger one the picture.
3.) The big kids act as teacher and tell the baby the name of the animal and the sound it makes!

Check out pictures below-
We tried having both kids holding the picture, but after a fight started we found it was easier to take turns. ;)

Melanie chose a jaguar "roar!"

Easton wanted a duck.


"Skyelynn, look at the picture!"

Trying to get Skye's attention haha

Here's a bear!

Everyone loved this activity, even Skyelynn! Babies sometimes get left out, and they need to learn too, so we found a way to include the little one this time. :)

Take ten!

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