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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Park mini photo shoot

Nicer weather is right around the corner! In fact there have been some pretty good days already that have taken the kids and me outside to ride bikes or take a quick walk. Fresh air is good for kids!

Last year around this time I took the kids to the park and we did a little photo shoot. It was cold, so the trip was quick, but they had fun and we got some cute pics.

What do you need? 
-A park
-A Camera
-Some kids :)

What do you do?
-Let the kids run and shoot pics
-Ask the kids to pose and shoot pics

Examples below 

Fun time at the park, fresh air, new, updated pics of the kids, what's not to like? And this could easily be a ten minute trip, but most likely you'll have so much fun you'll stay longer!
Take ten!

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