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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Matchy Patchy...

Hate doing laundry? So do I. Why not make it more fun by involving the kids? I called this activity matchy patchy because it involves matching socks.

Here is what you do: Ask your kids to put all the socks that are the same together for you. While they do this you fold the other pieces of laundry. Not only does this keep them busy and out of trouble while you do a chore, but I bet they will love being given a job to do also! And accomplishing a task that you gave them makes them feel great about themselves.

If they finish the socks too quickly, ask them to place daddy's clothes in one pile, mommy's clothes in another, and so on.  This will organize the clothes for you too.

My kids love helping with the grown up chores in any way possible, yours will too!

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