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Thursday, February 16, 2012

An elephant never forgets...

Learn, pretend, play, have fun!
This elephant trunk project was not so great but my son did learn something and he had fun, so it was worth it. Maybe you can figure out a better way to make an elephant trunk and tell me!
Here is what we did...

I took the string from an extra birthday hat and I rolled up some grayish blue construction paper for a trunk. I attempted to connect the stretchy string to the trunk but I ran out of tape and the trunk did not look so trunk like.
Hahaha ok so this is the first fitting...(don't mind the laundry on the kitchen table! We had more important matters to tend to, like learning about elephants.)
Second fitting..better, but not what I was picturing.

So we learned what letter the word elephant starts with...

And after talking about elephant starting with E, he went and did this...unprompted!

We also looked at pictures of elephants and he learned that their noses are called trunks!

Although I did not like the way our art project turned out, my son did learn something and that is what matters!
P.S. His big sister was at AWANA while we did this project, that is why she is not in any of the pictures or videos.
P.S.S. Easton knows how to spell "go" now because of yesterday's activity!! We're still working on "stop".

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