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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Manners are funny...

Be funny! Be imaginative. Make your kids laugh.
Kids are not born polite. They must learn how to be nice, how to use manners, how to function in a good way in our society. An engaging and fun way to teach kids basic manners is to role play. Finger puppets and stuffed animals serve as great role play assistants. Make up a skit. Use funny voices. Teach your child in a fun way!
We made puppets out of plastic spoons. Took no time at all to whip up these cutie projects! Glue eyes, glue nose, glue hair, glue construction paper clothes--best part is you can use scraps from around the house to make these. Think buttons for nose and eyes, cotton balls for hair and any kind of paper for clothes.
Now we're ready to play. The best way to do this kind of  role play is to use crazy voices and make them do funny things that also teach the lesson you want your kids to learn.
For example, if  I want my kids to learn the importance of using the word please, I would center the skit around that, and so on.
Believe me, this is the kind of stuff your kids will remember and love you for, for years to come. Quality time together makes for good kids!

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