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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Memory lane..

Kids love seeing pictures of themselves and love talking about things they have done. Take pictures of everything you do in one day with your kids and load them onto your computer.  Make a quick slideshow.  The next day take 10 minutes to show your kids the pictures and talk about what you did together. (The activities you document with pictures can be as ordinary as the grocery store trip to something special, like a visit from an out of state cousin. We had our cousin Haley in town last May and recorded our day with her by taking lots of pictures.

(We did this activity in May 2011) Here are my kids looking at pictures of themselves at the park with my cousin Haley .

After seeing all the pictures and reminiscing, tell them to draw their favorite part of that day.

Melanie drew a picture of an echo---at least what she thinks an echo would look like. She went to the park bathroom and heard her echo that day and was intrigued with it.  So, that became her favorite part of the day. :)

I, of course, drew a frappuccino because my favorite part of that day was going to Starbucks!
Don't judge my artistic skills!

Easton, only 17 months old at the time drew a line on a piece of paper to show his favorite part of the  Hey, he at least participated!

Do this with your kids...I promise they will love it!

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