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Monday, February 6, 2012

Jot it down for keeps...

Today do something your kids can look back on and laugh about.  Make up a story with them and write it down.
Make a book out of folded and stapled (or taped) paper.  No need to look professional or perfect..just needs to be fun!

We have not made our story yet..but I made the book so it's ready to be filled up with pictures and funny words! I just took two pieces of light tan construction paper and folded them "hamburger style", taped the top and bottom corners with scotch tape and it made an 8 page book counting from front cover to back.
You start the story and ask your kids to add to it.  For example you can say "Once upon a time there was a little boy and...________insert your child's addition to the story here. Keep the story going like this: you say something and they say something.  Keep it short or they will lose interest.
Once you are finished with the story, illustrate it!  Remind them what each page says and let them draw something to go with it.
Fun, easy, creative. This is also something you can keep pulling out to read and have fun with through out the years to come.

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