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Friday, February 10, 2012

Letter games...

It is no secret that kids love to learn, so why not take ten minutes to play a game and teach them.  They are little sponges and you will be amazed how much they will retain.

This game is one of my kids' favorites.  We use a magnadoodle to play it, but regular old paper and pencils work just fine as well.

Here is how it works: draw part of a letter on the magnadoodle or paper and ask your kids to finish it.  Here are some examples:
Finish the A

Finish drawing the H

Finish drawing the M

Another variation to this game is to draw a letter on the magnadoodle or paper when your kids are busy playing in another room, then yell "Help!!! Help!!!" and wait for them to run to you. When they get there, say "I don't know what this letter is!" They will think it is really funny and it will grab their attention enough to keep them wanting to practice letters with you.
Good luck and take ten!

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