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Friday, February 3, 2012

Dance and shape..

Instead of dance and shake..teach your kids to dance and shape! It's easy.  Here are the steps:
1.) Cut out different shapes out of  colored construction paper (or whatever paper you have around)
2.) Lay the shapes out on a "dance floor"
3.) Go to and type in "toddler" to bring up some fun music
4.)Tell your kids to dance!
5.) Stop the music and say "Find the triangle!"
6.) Continue this dance, stop, and shouting a shape routine and watch them run around having fun.  To switch it up, you can start shouting a color to find instead of the shapes.  That way they'll be learning and practicing 2 things (colors and shapes) during the game.
Could this activity be any easier for the parents? We get to watch our kids dance and laugh and learn at the same time without much fuss.
Remember your shapes don't have to be perfect...Look at my
My kids loved this game and you should have seen some of their dance moves! Enjoy! Take ten!

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