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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Decor for the home...

This little project is a fun Valentine project for the kids and makes a cute decoration for you in the end.  So easy, does not take much effort, and not much mess either.

Prep this project before your kids start helping. Here is what you do:

Cut out as many hearts as you need for the kids participating...I needed 3.
Puncture a tiny hole in the top of each heart.
String yarn, or whatever kind of string you have through the hearts. (no string? use dental floss! :) )
Cut out a picture of each child.
Get out a glue stick and call your kids over to help.
P.S. The thing in the middle is an extra decoration I made with the scraps.

The kids use a glue stick to glue their own picture to a heart. The big kids shared in helping glue Skyelynn's picture.
This is really fast and easy and this is your final result...

We hung ours up on our mirror...I love it!
Happy Valentines Day!!!

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